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Upcoming Great Changes and Important Updates of Hakka Governance Roadmap

1. Decentralized Online Forum

Brand New Hakka Farms & Staking Interface


What do you think about this DeFi summer?

Player Introductions for Hakka Intelligence

sHAKKA & BHS-Related Pools

Staking Reward of sHAKKA (5th Month)

BHS-Related Pools Sunset

Brand New Hakka Burner & Vesting Interface

Hakka Burner

ENS Integration & iGain Development Progress

ENS Integration

Staking Reward of sHAKKA & Staking Tutorial

Staking Reward of sHAKKA (3rd Month)

Four Steps to Earn Staking Rewards

Step 1. Stake HAKKA to get sHAKKA

Step 2. Stake sHAKKA to the pool.

Community Marketing Reward & New Reward Program

Community Marketing Reward v5

New Community Reward Program

The Launch of Our New Website

Hakka Finance

Hakka Decentralized Finance Ecosystem: Warped Spacetime with Crypto Native Primitives.

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