Hakka Finance AMA Recap: April 2023

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5 min readApr 20, 2023


April 18, 2023 (14:00 UTC)

Robert: Hi everyone! Welcome to the Hakka Finance Monthly AMA! We’re so excited to have you here today!

I’m Robert, Hakka’s Social Media Manager, and I’m with Sheraf, our Community manager! You may be wondering it’s a bit later than our normal AMA on every 15th of the Month.

But don’t worry! Today is a very special day because we’ve got a couple of amazing announcements to make! But first, we would like to introduce a couple of things to not miss out!

  • Shitcoinmon OAT — instead of the regular Monthly AMA OAT, we are going to be giving away a Shitcoinmon OAT that you can claim until the end of April. All you have to do is Like, Retweet, and Follow them on Twitter.
  • New Hakka Play-to-Earn Mission— a new P2E mission has just been released! And all you need to do is to join our Discord server to claim it. The only caveat is you have to be on Level 2 already to be able to unlock this mission.
  • New iGain IRS Stablecoin Terms — we recently posted 2 stablecoin terms on iGain IRS, mainly USDC and DAI as voted by the community on Snapshot. These terms are set to expire on Sep. 30.
  • New Hakka Farming Pools — and since we’ve launched 2 stablecoin terms on iGain IRS, we have also launched 2 farming pools on Hakka Finance, we you can farm your USDC and DAI LP tokens in exchange for a 4-digit* APR HAKKA token reward.

Robert: Now let’s move on to the main event! Sheraf, can you give us a quick explanation of what Shitcoinmon is all about?

Sheraf: Of course! Shitcoinmon is the ultimate Pokémon-like game for people with poor investment skills in crypto! It’s all about turning your terrible investments into powerful NFT monsters, ready to level up battle in PvP against other players.

Robert: That sounds amazing! Can you tell us a bit about the gameplay?

Sheraf: Absolutely. So, the concept is simple: when you mint a Shitcoinmon with some of your tokens, your monster will be a strong as your investment was terrible! It has to fall hard from its all time high to become powerful.

Also, a different shitcoin will mint a different Shitcoinmon! We all have shitcoins lost somewhere in our wallets that went down so hard that we’re not even willing to sell them anymore.

So thanks to this game, we’re giving them a second life and a new path to redemption! After minting, you can then train your Shitcoinmon, and battle it out with other players to become the ultimate Shitcoinmon master.

Robert: That’s hilarious! What inspired the concept of Shitcoinmon?

Sheraf: Well, a lot of people got hurt by investing in memecoins popping up left and right, and we have been going through a tough bear market over the last year, so we thought: “Why not turn your terrible investments into something awesome?” and that’s how Shitcoinmon was born.

Also, at Hakka Finance we’re experience in turning the worst situations upside down. For example we have launched 3F Mutuals a few years ago, an insurance that compensates people if the DAI stablecoin depegs and MakerDAO shuts down.

We have also launched iGain, where you’re able to short interest rates on Aave. Shitcoinmon is a game, but it keeps the same spirit. We want to launch a game that is fun, but that also makes sense for its users financially.

Robert: So, when can we expect the launch of Shitcoinmon?

Sheraf: Our team is working hard on it right now, with the smart contract, the monster design, the game mechanics, etc. and we’re aiming to launch sometime this year for sure, starting with an MVP where you can mint cute monsters thanks to your worthless shitcoins.

After that, the game will upgrade and you’ll be able to level up and PvP! We’ll keep you all updated on our progress. We’re still in the development phase, but trust me, it’s going to be worth the wait.

Robert: No doubt about that! Can you tell us about anything we can expect to see?

Sheraf: Well, we’re planning to reveal our very first Shitcoinmon at the end of this session. But just know that the earlier you’re joining us, the more likely you will be to get super rare Shitcoinmons, available to the most dedicated players. You don’t want to miss out on those. This include people who have minted the Shitcoinmon NFT we have launched yesterday, so go mint it and stay tuned with us!

Robert: Sounds exciting! So how can people get involved with Shitcoinmon right now?

Sheraf: Right now, the best way to stay updated is to follow Shitcoinmon on Twitter, and keep an eye out for any announcements we make. We’ll also be hosting some exclusive giveaways and events leading up to the launch, so be sure to stay tuned, and also tell your friends about it!

Robert: Fantastic! Alright, we have a very special announcement to make. Are you ready to meet the newest member of the Shitcoinmon family?

Sheraf: We present to you, the one and only… Flytorekt! That’s right! Inspired by our friends from FTX, this turquoise-colored creature is equipped with powerful wings that can flap at incredible speeds, allowing it to dodge any opponent with ease! And don’t let its innocent look fool you, Flytorekt is a master of deception and can SCAMper away at a moment’s notice when it senses danger.

Robert: Amazing!

Sheraf: And if that’s not impressive enough, Flytorekt has a signature move called “Fraudulent Flight”. It’s a move that’s as cunning and deceitful as the platform that inspired it. So watch out, opponents! This Shitcoinmon is not to be taken lightly.

Robert: Wow, we can’t wait to catch one!

Sheraf: Absolutely! And just a reminder, folks, our launch date is just around the corner. So stay tuned for more exciting Shitcoinmon reveals and updates. Thank you for joining us today!

Robert: Thanks everyone for joining us! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the launch.

Sheraf: Thanks for having me, see you all soon in the world of Shitcoinmon!



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